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When intelligence needs to outpace the fire 

Spontaneous Volunteers

Ensuring an asset doesn’t become a liability 

Animal Welfare

Ensuring no one is forgotten

The world’s first

Artificial Intelligence emergency assistant

Intuitive messaging interface,  like most messenger platforms

Multi-language capable

Escalate to a live agent when concerns are triggered

User provides their location via simple map/address finder interface

Provide information and tips to help people self-manage through an emergency.

Share information in a secure one-to-one conversation with authorities

The 'Distressed User' Experience

The 'Distressed User' Experience

A user experience intentionally designed to interact with distressed & confused users in an emergency

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Providing mass vital intelligence for emergency management decision makers

Spontaneous Use

Spontaneous Use

Nothing to download, nothing to sign-up for.  No apps to worry about.

Omni-channel contact

Omni-channel contact

Multi-channel contact via Web, Social Media, SMS, Email, and Voice

Hyper scale

Hyper scale

Able to hyper scale preventing queues and distressing wait times for users during emergencies

Situational Awareness in a

Realtime Dashboard

Real-time Intelligence

Maintain a real-time common intelligence picture for shared situational awareness across the emergency response

Drill down

Drill down to individual response level for specific investigation

Analyse Needs

Analyse situation with a real-time ‘Needs Index’

Access on the move

Access on the move in realtime from a mobile device

Helping make better decisions faster

for Emergency Managers

for Operators & Institutions

for Employers

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