COVID-19 Business Support Tool released in response to pandemic


Situate Me has spent the last 18 months developing its portfolio of solutions to enable Emergency Management, and Business Continuity managers to maintain situational awareness during emergency ‘events’ by crowdsourcing intelligence directly from employees, en masse, in real-time.


Situate Me’s ‘COVID-19 Employee Locator’ has been specially developed to:
    • Contact tens of thousands of employees in minutes, and get responses just as fast.  No waiting for a ‘two minute phone call’ – assuming there are no breaks in your telephone tree. 
    • Geotag the location of each employee (voluntarily), so decision makers can see where their people are.
    • Allow employees to self-assess wellness and their ability to work remotely and provide that information visually to your organisation’s leadership in a Common Operating Picture.
    • Provide simple advice for employees in line with company HR and BCP policies
    • Ask a simple set of health screening questions that allows your executive to visualise the general health disposition of their entire workforce in a single dashboard. 
    • As time moves on, have employees provide regular situational reports on themselves quickly and easily, allowing workforce trends to be captured, without tying up all layers of management. 
    • Allow your business to make better decisions, faster.

The Employee Locator is a secure, cloud-based solution that does not require your employees to download any special apps or software.  Using multiple means of initially contacting staff, the employee locator interacts with employees via a compassionate emergency chatbot, providing a secure 1-2-1 conversation between individual staff members and your organisation’s management team.  Utilising specially developed simple question formats that can be easily answered by distressed users, the Employee Locator provides management with a visual dashboard of all answers in real-time.

If your organisation needs to effectively maintain its operational and duty of care obligations during COVID-19, then get in touch for a free trial of our Employee Locator solution.  
At this challenging time, Situate Me is making our solution available at cost to businesses for the duration of the COVID-19 season – as we ourselves are emergency managers, people leaders, colleagues and parents.  Due to the unprecedented nature of the situation, we may experience delays in responding to requests, so please bear with us.