Emergency Management






  • We help emergency managers make better decisions faster.

  • Our solution crowdsources citizen intelligence using the world’s first artificial intelligence emergency chatbot; and we gather human disaster intelligence faster than it’s ever been done before.

  • We help emergency managers achieve shared situational awareness. 

Have more than one tool in your toolbox

Biosecurity Speed up response in a targeted surveillance operation

A member of the public spies a ‘strange bug’ and they snap a picture.  Now what?

Make it incredibly easy to pass any suspected biosecurity breach to the authorities for analysis by experts, in seconds.  SituateMe’s Biosecurity solution makes it as easy as an online chat to share the location, time and any image of a imposter species; notifying biosecurity specialists automatically, enabling them to diagnose the species and mount a response if required.

Law Enforcement Lockdown Allowing Law Enforcement to securely connect with citizens in an active lockdown

SILENTLY establish the STATUS of bystanders; GEOTAG their position; capture FURTHER DETAILS (group size, cover, protection); provide self-assessed THREAT ASSESSMENT data for further analysis.

Keep bystander’s disposition intelligence OFF open social media platforms, reducing ‘intelligence bleed’.

Securely crowdsource imagery within the threat perimeter to aid response tactics.

Earthquake Undertake basic needs assessments across entire populations

When entire populations are impacted by disasters of unprecedented scale:

  • timely & accurate decision-making is critical; and
  • that requires innovative means of efficient intelligence capture.

Provide citizens with the ability to self-assess their basic needs (Shelter, Water, Food, Sanitation, etc.), with supporting advice for them to self-manage, whilst passing the intelligence through to emergency management decision makers in realtime.

Utilising a multi-language capable, intuitive interface, SituateMe’s Basic Welfare solution is designed to provide the most comfortable user experience for the distressed and traumatised user. 

Spontaneous Volunteer Registration Register, induct and task thousands of citizen volunteers seamlessly

Spontaneous help in an emergency can be a double-edged sword.  Done badly it can become its own liability and a major operational distraction; done well it can be the decisive act that builds resiliency for communities in the aftermath of disaster.

Getting a well meaning citizen volunteer from in front of their television to being on site, registered, inducted, and in the right place and the right time, is a massive challenge for already stretched emergency management professionals.  Doing that for tens of thousands of citizens can seen an impossible task at times.

Give ‘agency’ to your spontaneous volunteers, by allowing them to self-register, watch induction videos, access checklists for health & safety advice and personal protective equipment, all from their mobile device.  Allocate them to sites and shift patterns automatically and provide them with registration identification – without taking a single emergency professional away from their primary job.

Severe Weather Events Gather pre- and post- Storm intelligence to aid response planning

Place up-to-the-minute fresh intelligence on citizen’s preparedness in the hands of emergency response planners:

  • Establish population density across your area of operations
  • Pinpoint the extremely vulnerable
  • Overlay ‘Preparedness’ and ‘Resilience’ indices to establish response priorities
  • Pass basic information and tips to citizens to help them ‘get through’

Emergency Animal Welfare Connect specialist responders with unattended animals in emergencies

SituateMe’s Unattended Animal solution allows members of the public to notify emergency animal welfare specialists of the whereabouts of unattended animals in emergencies:

  • providing location details, special handling requirements and images for pets, livestock and wildlife; 
  • enabling resources to be efficiently tasked to rescue animals and provide first aid and shelter; and 
  • supporting reuniting owners with their beloved animals.

Pandemic Establish vaccination coverage and self-assessed health data

Understand vaccination density across geographies and capture basic self-assessed health surveillance data, without necessitating the mass movement of individuals.

Convey basic health information and allow for longitudinal health data capture of citizens.

Bushfire Manage mass two-way communication with communities in a bushfire

Communicating with entire communities on the move in a bushfire is no easy task.  Capture vital citizen intelligence, at scale, in realtime:

  • Who has evacuated & Where have they gone?
  • What are their intentions?
  • What needs do they have?

Provide individuals with targeted information and advice, based on their needs:

  • Fire safety measures for their home
  • Evacuation routes
  • Basic bushfire advice for tourists/non-locals in their preferred language.

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