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Communicate with everyone,

all at once,

and make better decisions. 

  • Do you understand your ‘Duty of Care‘ obligations?

  • Is your current means of checking on your staff a ‘Telephone Tree‘?

  • Does your Executive Team have the information they need to make the right decisions in an emergency? 

UPDATE: COVID-19 'isolated workforce' solution released



Given the dramatic and unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have accelerated the release of our Employee Locator solution, specifically designed to provide situational awareness and decision intelligence for an isolated and dispersed workforce.


Appropriately for an event of this serious nature, we are offering this solution at cost to as many customers as possible, at this time.  If you wish to evaluate and trial the product, please contact us today.


If I or my team can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Rob Gourdie
Chief Executive Officer

Show your team you care:

Personnel Locator

Make immediate contact with your team

Don’t expect people to wait to be contacted by ineffective telephone trees; make contact within minutes and quickly prioritise who you need to focus on. 

Keep your team 'in the loop'

Deliver a consistent message across your entire organisation with one click.  Provide updates effortlessly and maintain ongoing awareness of your team’s situation, without requiring managers to be constantly calling telephone trees. 

Respect employee privacy

Provide a 1-2-1 channel for your team to share their personal situation with their manager if they choose to.  Don’t expect people to share personal information with their peer group via group messaging.

Nothing to download, spontaneous availability

Use SMS, email and voice to ensure you can reach your team when you need to.  Automated escalation sends further alerts only to those team members who are yet to respond.

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Your whole organisation in a single dashboard

Provide your executive team with a single view of their large organisation in realtime.  No paper, spreadsheets or presentations of anecdotal statements; put the same data driven dashboard in front of all stakeholders, no matter where they are.

Track sentiment and key indicators

You’re in the middle of a Business Continuity event; Do you know how effective your workforce is right now? What about after three days?  Track key welfare and functional indicators across different parts of your workforce.

Make the right decisions for your employees

Better intelligence, better decisions.  It’s as simple as that.

Imagine the scenario...

  • 1/8 The ground starts shaking...

    1/8 The ground starts shaking...

    Sunday evening, your city is rocked by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. Some buildings suffer minor damage, some roads are blocked by slips. Luckily a limited number of staff are working, but at least 1500 employees live in the affected area. >> Is everyone OK?
  • 2/8 then this happens...

    2/8 then this happens...

    All buildings in the city are closed pending an engineering inspection. Your offices may be unavailable for at least two weeks. >> We need to let people know.
  • 3/8 and then...

    3/8 and then...

    Some reports of damage to homes are starting to come through, followed by reports of minor injuries in certain parts of town. >> Are those our people?
  • 4/8 So what do you do?

    4/8 So what do you do?

    Fire up your telephone tree? For 1500 people? How long will it take to reach everyone? How will you collate all the information from individual managers to give your executive team the situational awareness they need? Are you exercising an effective ‘Duty of Care’?
  • 5/8 Now imagine this...

    5/8 Now imagine this...

    You need to check on your people and you need to let them know they can’t come into the office. You log into SituateMe’s Employee Locator console, and within two minutes you have sent a consistent message to 1500 staff.
  • 6/8 within three minutes...

    6/8 within three minutes...

    Answers start flooding in, in real time, as your employees respond. Your employees feel prioritised and not forgotten. Simply being ‘in the loop’ is often what employees need the most.
  • 7/8 You jump on a conference call

    7/8 You jump on a conference call

    The executive team want to know whats happening. Management can jump on a call, all with the same dashboard in front of them. The team has ‘shared situational awareness’ and it is data driven, not anecdotal statements that are passed person-to-person up a stressed command chain. Now they can make better decisions, faster.
  • 8/8 Here's the difference

    8/8 Here's the difference

    Dave was the 1500th person to be contacted by the telephone tree. It took hours, possibly a day, to reach him. He wasn’t coping and was left feeling abandoned by his employer. Not good at all. Alternatively, Dave got a message within minutes and was able to flag he needed help. Rather than waiting for a rushed phone call from Jennifer his boss; Jennifer compiled a short list of her team she needed to prioritise and gave Dave a call within the hour, with the time to listen and support Dave.

Please Note Special 'at cost' pricing is available in support of the current COVID-19 Pandemic (not shown below)



*per employee

Full feature set

Pay Monthly,  No commitment

2 free SMS notifications per month

Additional SMS notification $0.25 each

One Year


*per employee

Full feature set

Pay Annually

Volume discounts available

2 free SMS notifications per month

Additional SMS notification $0.20 each

Two Years


*per employee

Full feature set

Pay Biennially

Additional volume discounts available

2 free SMS notifications per month

Additional SMS notification $0.15 each



Over 1,000 employees

Full feature set

Additional volume discounts available

2 free SMS notifications per month

Additional SMS notifications charged

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